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by Cisfinitum

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There is a strange story about this release. In 1998 we produced 100-150 copies on CD-Rs and sent them to some European labels (as Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers, Drone rec. etc.). But the sucess of next Cisfinitum album «Landschaft» obscured the first record, which sounds much more peculiar and esoteric. In the middle of 2000s it was released as mp3, just for archive. But in February, 2014 Old Captain proposed me to re-release it on CD. Surely, I agreed, but asked to print it with original artwork. In 1998 we placed the photo of famous Zhytomir serial killer Anatoly Onoprienko on the cover. How strange it was, when I sent this artwork to Oleg from Old Captain, and then he said that the windows of his label’s office looked out on the prison where this killer spent 15 years! Even more — this album was recorded, when the killer was going to the jail and re-released half-year after he died. He killed 52 people, including little kids, in his interviews he said about his spiritual experience, which was higher than Dalai Lama’s, he did his killings in a special way, ritualistic — to set the cross on division map of Ukraine. His killings consisted of 3 planned series in mathematical sequence: the first, according to his idea, was dedicated to his struggle with communist ideology in Ukraine, the second was his symbolic struggle with Ukrainian nationalism and third — serial killings as a protest against AIDS. Oleg proposed me to release this CD approximately a week before the Maidan started in Kiev. And all these coincidences and concordances mean much more than I could imagine when I placed his photo from a book about serial killers in 1998 on the cover. We even drew a cross under the photo, but I’ve discovered all his conceptions just nowadays, in 2014, while researched more about what is on the Cisfinitum first album cover. In 1998 we did it very spontaneously. This is magic in practice.


released April 20, 2015

True minimal post industrial analogue sound.

The lunatic and lo-fi album with a distinct industrial aftertaste. It is kept unremastered and its pristine condition hints at obvious hisses, noises, clicks, abrupt frequency amplifications and sporadic channel drops

Synth / tape recordings by Evgeny Voronovsky, 1997-98.
Digital editing by Denis Danchenko.
Artwork by E.Voronovsky & Denis Danchenko, 1998




Cisfinitum Russia

Dark Ambient from Moscow.

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